Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Invalid's Breakfast of Fried Rice and Poached Egg

This particular creation will not have a picture until the next time I make it. What happened was the floppy disk that records pictures in my Sony FD Mavica crapped out. Lost a bunch of neato pictures too. With that apology out of the way, I will continue with the latest Spirited Recipe.

I’m still emerging from a cold. It’s been over a week and I still feel the last bits of it holding onto me. I’m not quite sick, but I’m also not all the way better, hence, our invalid’s breakfast of this morning.

It’s actually quite simple, but again, not something I would ever have thought to make. I was pleased when one of the Guides suggested I make it this morning.

What you want is some left-over pork fried rice either home made or from the last time you had Chinese take-out. My preference is Chinese take-out from one of our local restaurants seeing as how I’ve never quite gotten the knack of making my own fried rice that tastes very good.

Put the left-over rice in a bowl and dot with a little bit of butter. Set it aside while you poach up some eggs. You can make them either yolk hard or yolk soft, whichever is your preference. Mine ended up at 3 minutes to be sort of in-between. I’ve got this fantastic egg poacher sauce pan with four little cups that sit in it. I’ve never been very good at making my own poached eggs just by slipping them into a swirling bath of hot water, so I’ve been having a ball using my special pan. Oh, and I buttered each cup before I put an egg in. You could also use spray Pam on it, but I think it’s simpler just to scoop out a little I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter from the tub to slick up each cup.

Nuke the rice for a minute to heat it up and slip a couple of the poached eggs on top. It was perfect as an invalid’s breakfast.

One of the guides suggested a shot of Tabasco. I suggested a spoonful of salsa, but didn’t get any encouragement from Spirit on that one. I think they must have liked the idea of Tabasco better.