Friday, June 20, 2008

Ritz Crackers, Butter and Cinnamon Sugar

Okay, this one was almost a no brainer, but I was astonished all the same. I’m in the kitchen. I’ve just made us a pasta salad and it’s chilling in the fridge. But, it is hot outside. It is almost too hot to eat and certainly too hot for a regular big old dinner.

So, I thought, “Hey, what about some cheese and crackers?” I did up a few and they weren’t exactly exciting, but they were something to nosh on and to tide us over until it gets a heck of a lot cooler and we can actually consider dinner.

That’s when the guides told me to get out the butter and the cinnamon sugar and dress up a Ritz cracker.

That’s it. Butter and cinnamon sugar on a Ritz Cracker. Never, in the 52 years I’ve been on this planet have I ever thought that might work.

It’s absolutely delicious and has been elevated to a family favorite in our house.


Donna said...

I would have Never thought of this!! Looks good though!!hughugs

Elizabeth said...

This is further proof that EVERYTHING tastes good on a Ritz! lol

When I was in high school I used to come home after school, take a piece of white bread, spread butter on it, then sprinkle sugar on top and eat it just like that. It doesn't even sound good anymore.