Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where I Make a List of Vegetables

God, I don't know why I do this, but, I've just committed to another blog. Spirited Recipes - Out of this World. This one will, however, focus on food. Many of the dishes showcased on this blog will have been channeled by moi. My guide is Seth. There are others in Spirit I speak with. So, other than being so busy now with everything else I'm doing I'm now going to be more in the kitchen....ah, so is life. I will also get to take pictures....maybe I'll even get some Spirit photography going on.

Here's the plan. At least, this is what the guides are nudging me toward right now. Make a list they say. And, then we will make our contribution. But, we must have a list to work with. Otherwise you become sidetracked and meander every which way. Hey, are you talking? Why, yes. Were you listening? It would appear that you can also have this be a channeling blog. There are so few around. Okay, I suppose we probably need some rules. Like you're stuff is one color and my stuff is another. I don't know what color your stuff is but I am partial to lilac. This can't be Seth. No, it is not. You are correct. Who do you think it is? It is so much fun to jerk this one around. She can't see a thing. You know. If you make me look bad I'll delete this post. Dear, we don't do it intentionally. Okay, you can be lilac whoever you are. I think this is sort of running away from me. Do, start on your list Dear. about vegetables. Too broad. You must indicate a specific vegetable, preferably the ones that are in season now. Well, maybe here, but what if they aren't in season someplace else? Dear, focus.



That is a beginning. Try for some more.


Dear, you are boring.


You wouldn't know a parsnip if it bit you.


You don't like radishes. The rule must be extended to those foods that you like. After awhile we can branch out and you can be adventurous, but for the time being things you like.

I can live with that.

Okay...brocolli. And, I really like spinch. More?

Of course.

Peas. Green Beans. Bean Sprouts.

Is that enough?

Line them up Dear. Line them up and see if you've got 10.

Green Beans
Bean Sprouts

You forgot Parsnips.

I don't actually like Parsnips.

I'll think of 2 more.

Carrots, I'm done.

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Donna said...

Oh, this is going to be fun...I'll have to list this blog with my other cooking blogs...Happy cooking sweetie!! I'm ready to imitate!!LOL...night! hughugs